Philippine Hobie Challenge 2013 – Official TV Production by Go Yachting

The Philippine Hobie Challenge has, over the last 12 years, developed a reputation for being a fun and challenging sailing event. In fact, it’s more than sailing, it’s an adventure and in 2013 16 teams signed up for the 13th Anvaya Cove Philippine Hobie Challenge which started in the capital city, Manila.

A unique event in Asia, the Philippine Hobie Challenge is organised by the Philippine Inter-Island Sailing Foundation with strong support from a raft of sponsors, including the Philippine Department of Tourism.

Where the Philippine Hobie Challenge differs from other sailing events in Asia is in the idea and the sailing grounds.

The idea is for an adventure, a beach-hopping regatta, where competitors enjoy different venues and new experiences each night along the route.

And the sailing grounds, are simply second to none. Warm waters, tropical sun, stunning scenery and beaches, wonderful shore venues and memorable Philippine hospitality, makes the Philippine Hobie Challenge an event unlike any other.

The Philippine Hobie Challenge is however, more than just sailing and adventure It is a unique event that since its beginning has endavoured to give back to local communities in which it sails. This is known as the Outreach Program, and is an integral part of the annual Challenge.

The 13th Anvaya Cove Philippine Hobie Challenge was held 22nd February to 1st March 2013.


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