San Fernando Race – 17 April , 2019 – Hong Kong to Philippines


The San Fernando Race is a biennial race from Hong Kong to the Philippines taking place during the Easter holidays.

The San Fernando Race is organised by the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, under the auspices of the RORC. It includes 4 classes: IRC Racing Class, IRC Cruising Class, IRC Premier Cruising Class and HKPN Class.

The San Fernando Race Committee supports all participating boats and crew in the specific arrangements necessary to enter the race to encourage as many qualifying boats as possible.

The first San Fernando Race took place in 1977 and the initiative was taken by sailors usually cruising down to San Fernando and racing back.

The event is a biennial race, which rotates alternate years with the bluewater classic China Sea Race (also known as the Rolex China Sea Race), both of which are organised by the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club.

Recent Results
2011 Race Results:
IRC Racing – Red Kite II, Anthony Root
IRC Premier Cruising – Sunshine, Rob Stanley
IRC Cruising – Cutting Edge, Y K Szeto
HKPN – Akuna, Malcolm Waters

The Regatta in a nutshell
Event: San Fernando Race
Date: 17 April, 2019
Location: Hong Kong
Organizer: Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club


The San Fernando Race is part of the Asian Yachting Grand Prix Championship.


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