ZEN: a Sinot and Feadship creation

6 October, 2016
The superyacht ZEN - a collaboration of two longtime partners in the yachting world, Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design and Feadship Royal Dutch Shipyards.

The superyacht ZEN – a collaboration of two longtime partners in the yachting world, Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design and Feadship Royal Dutch Shipyards.


Superyacht ZEN creates a new typology of yachts; it’s a complete, seaworthy combination of beach house and loft, based on less volume and more efficiency in design and realization.

ZEN is the result of a close cooperation of two longtime partners in the yachting world, Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design and Feadship Royal Dutch Shipyards. Through the years, Henk de Vries and Sander Sinot regularly conferred on the future of yachting, based on their joint experience and collaboration developing yachts. Remarkable parallels in their clients’ visions were revealed: a desire for more efficiency and less unnecessary space. The revelation inspired Sinot to design a shared vision of a new generation of super yachts, with technical and naval architecture input from Feadship De Voogt Naval Architects – the 80m super yacht ZEN.

Unique features
Sinot’s ZEN yacht design has unique features for an 80-metre yacht. The new approach starts with a deliberate evaluation of a ship’s internal volume, or the gross tonnage (GT) aboard. Clients wished to limit the number of lounges, with owners often spending a large proportion of their time in one preferred lounge, at one particular deck. The result? ZEN concentrates all the owner’s spaces at only two decks.

Superyacht ZEN is unique in its use of space, the profile breaks from the typical “wedding-cake” appearance, without sacrificing any useable space. Rather than a vertical extension of combined rooms, this yacht provides interior space over the full length of the bridge deck and main deck. All lounges, interior spaces and exterior decks are positioned and proportioned to provide ultimate functionality and optimal inside-out experience. The aft section of the superstructure features a stunning 13-metre lounge, in which the sides and aft glass corners open fully to the exterior deck. The midsection has an inside-outside dining area with sliding doors to each side that can pocket fully and a skylight. Expandable balconies on both sides provide space for an aperitif. The forward section consists of a high-tech bridge with floating consoles and two guest settees. Outside, a vast and versatile exterior deck of almost 500 square meters is suitable for lounging, sunbathing, sports activities and parties. The area expands by an additional 100 square meters when the aft lounge is opened. An 8-metre swimming pool is located on the aft deck, with a large Jacuzzi on the foredeck.

ZEN can be built tomorrow. It is the belief of Henk de Vries that it should be offered to markets in a cost-effective way. The yacht incorporates unique design features such as the magnificent inside-out space experience, typical of the Sinot design philosophy. Built by Feadship and born from a shared knowledge and expertise of the super yacht market, clients will be assured of a perfect product. De Vries and Sinot believe this new concept can encourage clients to enter new realms of optimization and efficiency, while enjoying a prime space experience. Zen: A new typology of super yachts.

Bridge Deck Lounge and Dining – At the lounge & dining on bridge deck, the concept of ZEN is expressed in its purest form. A slanting 360-degree glass façade floods ZEN’s lounge with abundant natural light, while the overhang provides intimacy and protection. Due to the stackable glass façades and corners at the slanting columns, the 13-metre lounge can be converted into one expansive al fresco space connecting the interior with the huge exterior deck space.

Panoramic Stern Lounge – Above the beach area, the panoramic stern lounge offers a superior experience of life at sea with its scenic view of the ocean and sight of the wake disappearing over the horizon. The panoramic stern lounge, which almost stretches the width of the yacht’s beam, doubles as a cinema lounge.

Owner’s Stateroom – A full-beam front section of the main deck is reserved for the owner state room, the owner’s lounge, owner’s office and his and hers dressing and bathroom. At the sides, full height glass façades afford sweeping views of the ocean from the owner state room, lounge and office. With a sophisticated use of materials, the designers at Sinot create an intimate, homely atmosphere where the owner and his loved ones can retreat.

VIP Stateroom – On ZEN, the richness of life is celebrated. The VIP staterooms for special guests create a place to be among dear family and friends in an atmosphere of refined hospitality. A refuge for tranquility, retreat, comfort, rest and sleep, all VIP staterooms are spacious, with large floor-to-ceiling windows or glass façades that not only provide abundant daylight, but also allow guests to enjoy the seascape scenery.

Wheelhouse – The wheelhouse reveals ZEN’s innovative nature with the incorporation of a dual steering arrangement. Undisturbed views all around are enabled by the slanting glass façade to ensure the highest standards in wheelhouse design, endorsing the bias on functionality. Two extra seats allow guests to enjoy all maneuvers by the captain and his crew.

Beach Platform – Offering immediate access to and from the water, ZEN’s full beam beach platform is ideal for relaxing in the sun, participating in water sports or parties, and enjoying stunning views. At the sides, the platform can extend to add around 20M2to the beach deck, creating a vast platform. The backdrop is created in 3D sculpted wood with integrated LED light fixtures providing indirect lighting, which can be changed in color temperature and intensity according to need and provide a sunbathing atmosphere or a more vibrant setting during a party.

Spa Relaxation – Central to life on board ZEN; the richness of well-being and vitalization of body and soul are behind the spacious gym and spa at the main deck. At the sides of these spaces, full height glass façades can be opened to balconies, providing a fresh sea breeze and a full inside-out experience. The gym facilities include state-of-the-art work-out equipment and is characterized by warm tones, indirect lighting, and the use of natural materials.

Furnishings – All of the yacht’s furnishings are custom designed by Sinot and produced by the best craftsmen. The balanced application of dark wood, soft chenille fabrics, 100% Dull silk carpets and bronzes with a variety of patinas, the use of tadelakt plaster on the ceiling and natural materials, such as split sandstone and teak, on the other ceiling areas and deck creates balance and unity between the different elements.

For more information, visit www.sinot.com (Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design) and www.feadship.nl (Feadship De Voogt Naval Architects).


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