Asia-Pacific’s largest Wiggins Marina Bull arrives at Royal Phuket Marina

24 October, 2018
Asia-Pacific’s largest Wiggins Marina Bull forklift in action at Royal Phuket Marina.

Asia-Pacific’s largest Wiggins Marina Bull forklift in action at Royal Phuket Marina.


Royal Phuket Marina recently took delivery of Asia-Pacific’s largest Wiggins Marina Bull. The all-new, one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art forklift can lift boats upto 15 metres in length and will serve the growing number of private boats berthing at the marina.

“Royal Phuket Marina is the marina of choice for many luxury sailing and motor yachts, and we saw the need for professional dry stack and lifting facilities catering to powerboats in the 10-50 foot range – something that wasn’t being catered for in Phuket. Following the success of our first dry stack, we opened our second premium, fully-covered dry stack earlier this year and working closely with the Wiggins Lift team in California we developed the largest Wiggins Marina Bull in Asia-Pacific. It’s designed to cater to the growing number of private boat owners choosing to keep their boats in Phuket and has a number of tailor-made additions to provide the best service and safety for our customers,” said Mr. Gulu Lalvani, Chairman, Royal Phuket Marina.

Royal Phuket Marina’s new Wiggins Marina Bull can lift boats upto 15 metres and boats with upto three outboard engines, and with the largest tip factor in the market, Wiggins Marina Bull’s can lift maximum capacity while traveling comfortably, ensuring boats are safely transported and owners have peace-of-mind.

In addition to the size and weight specifications, the Royal Phuket Marina forklift has been fitted with a number of preventative maintenance technologies as well as HD forward-facing cameras and remote control mast operation, assuring unrivaled standards of safety and customer service.

“We worked closely with the Royal Phuket Marina team and listened to their input, and needs. Royal Phuket Marina had a clear vision and understood the market’s needs, and as a result we produced, built and delivered to Royal Phuket Marina’s specifications the largest capacity forklift in Asia-Pacific,” said Mr. Micah Mc Dowell, Director of Sales, Wiggins Lift USA.

With two dry stacks, hardstand space and wet berths, Royal Phuket Marina has capacity for 216 boats upto 35 metres in length and is served by two Wiggins Marina Bulls, and a 50 ton travel lift. With a depth of two metres at the lowest tide in the channel, Royal Phuket Marina has round-the-clock access and is Thailand’s only 5 Gold Anchor marina.

“Since opening our second dry stack and arrival of the new Wiggins Marina Bull, we have seen an increase in enquiries, in particular from owners in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, India and Malaysia. We offer a convenient service where boats can be in the water and ready for use within 15 minutes. This, coupled with Phuket’s easy flight access and our location just 20 minutes from Phuket International Airport, means owners can fly in and within 10 minutes of leaving Royal Phuket Marina will be cruising some of the most spectacular waters to be found anywhere in the world,” added Mr. Lalvani.

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Royal Phuket Marina's premium covered dry stack.

Royal Phuket Marina’s premium covered dry stack.


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